Ball Probes

Ball probes deliver a symmetrical, dome-like freezing imprint of various sizes for cryosurgical procedures. Contact probes must be decontaminated after every patient use. Please follow this approved decontamination​ Ball probes can be used for ulcerated tumours, large tumours, underlying bony structures or for a domelike symmetrical freeze in soft tissue.

All contact probes come fitted a silicone exhaust tube to ensure the vented LN2 is directed away from the user and patient.

By applying pressure onto a lesions with a Contact probes you can reduce vascular flow, create a quicker deeper freeze and thus reduce the a freeze time.


Model Size
Model #201-6 6 mm Ball Probe
Model #201-8 8 mm Ball Probe
Model #201-1 1 cm Ball Probe
Model #201-2 2 cm Ball Probe


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